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I discovered a great App. It was an accident...sort of. I was looking for a video-editing App for my own personal use. After installing (and uninstalling) several video-editing Apps, I came across a gem. 

It's called Videolicious.

It takes still pictures and allows you to narrate with each correlating photo. Then you can choose background music, and eventually you have a video. This can be useful for slideshows during open-houses, or...

Another way to assess comprehension. 

I was planning Social Studies (we study California), which is NOT my favorite subject at all, and wanted to do something more exciting than the "make-a-booklet" lesson, or take "notes" snorer.

I began taking pictures of the visuals in our SS textbook. Then I skimmed the page/lesson, and narrated the information to each photo/slide using the App on my iPad.

After introducing this to the students, and got them hyped up, we dove in.

I combined the lesson/frame of Main Idea and Supporting Ideas/Facts with the new video making.

First, we took our next lesson on Missions, read the few pages, as a whole class.

Then, began writing the Main Idea/Supporting Ideas together...into a slow release with partners.

They could reread and finish the supporting ideas together.

After reviewing the information as a class, they were ready to attack their video making skills.

The final products were astounding.(I wish I had one to share... I am on break, and they are in class).

To hear, and see, the students articulate the learning from the lesson was amazing.

Students, who don't usually share out, made a brilliant product... proving their comprehension of subject matter in an exciting way.

They were proud of the results, and  recalled the information for a quiz the following week, along with during later SS lessons.

I found myself wanting to use this App for many things. Think about it. Whatever they are learning, math included, they can make a narrated video for it.

Pretty cool.


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