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Beginning of the year...for us ALL...Procedures and Expectations.

"Boys and Girls, when you are done, take out your journal and come sit on the carpet, in numbered order."

"We get our sharpened pencils out of our TEAM bags on our tables."

Procedures. Ugh.

Very important though. Muy importante.

Sometimes it is overwhelming to get in ALL of the details of each procedure. I know, sometimes it seems the kids' faces go in and out attention.

This year, I made a video using Educreations.

The video begins, with hanging backpacks up and entering the class...then, continues with RR rules and Pencil Sharpening etc...

Each procedure/rule can be drawn onto the page, and then you narrate the information. You can underline important words, or draw arrows as you narrate, for emphasis.

I  press pause after I explain each procedure, then erase the page, and start the next one.

In the end, you have an entire video with cute pics.

I plan to use this in addition to the physical modeling and practicing of the procedures, of course.I think with the extra video, students will remember what to do better.

AND...new students during the year!! Great for giving details on how expectations, during the year.

AND ...a refresher after vacations.

I am fortunate to have several extra iPads, so I think I will have them available for students who get sent in "time out",  to watch the rule/procedure they are struggling with on the video.

Yay! Another way to use Educreations. I love this App.

Please share any new ideas for your delivery of procedures.


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