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A recent post mentioned I need to flood my room in words. I don't want to ignore the work I have done with my students.

I am a huge fan of Roots and Affixes. We play the Root Word Bingo game I made, and we also use a form (below) for taking apart words they come across in their reading.

We have spelling words such as, character traits and words with affixes ..., every week. We use them in sentences, compound, complexed ...

Charts hang with certain categories (traits, feelings, actions, roots/word parts...)

I just have a different vision of colorful words posted EVERYWHERE! I am going to make some, and will post them to show you what I mean. Maybe you agree with me? Perhaps you already do this?

Until then, here are a few pics...

Taking apart words with a worksheet I made. It has columns for prefix, root, suffix, and the meaning of each part...with a final meaning in the last column.

We also made up words, using word parts, and then they drew a picture of the new word. For example aquatelevision (a t.v. you can watch in the water).

Page for taking apart words.                Drawings of new words.


PS...I have those sheets in my store!


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