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Edited from following Post below (4/7/13):

New Post, explains that there is NO playback and on Dragon Dictation App...I wrestled with "do I delete this manic post" or " do I leave it to show teacher reflection and humanity" ? I am choosing the latter.

Please see my next post for clarification and new way I will use this App.

Dragon Dictation...'nuf said :D

Okay, so maybe I'm late on this one, but I am feeling crazy(er) in the head right now...way too many, exciting thoughts about this App .

Funny, because I just thought I found the luckiest charm yesterday...when I had my idea for students to take a pic of their writing,  read /record it on Educreations, and play back while editing/revising on hard copy.(previous post)

Don't get me wrong, that is still BRILLIANT!!

But, what do you think about the students reading their roughdraft into the Dictation App, exactly how it is written...then hitting playback so they can see their run-ons, or missed words or disconnected ideas????

Awesome!! That's what I think.For the best final copies, I would use both...and even googledocs.

Most of my kids are ELL, and struggle with writing.

Isn't it my responsibility to figure out how to help them become better at it?

Anyway, I am elated to say the least, about these new valuable Apps and ideasI

I wonder if any of you have tried these strategies...or other similar ones? 

Please respond so I can see what else is out there.


Manuela Ippolito

I will try to post a video I took of how I have students, with a checklist, find each category on the list in their paper,  then again prove to a partner that they have each element included. Even when we do that, still no bueno.:/


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