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Okay, I typed too soon. Eggs in one basket, cart before the horse blah blah blah .


In a previous post, I went on about a brilliant idea to have students read their writing into the Dictation App, so they could later HEAR back what their writing SOUNDS like.

I was still thinking about the fab Educreations, that I presumed since there is a record, that there must be a playback.

I have yet to find that button.

Soooooo, my Great idea on that one...out!



For Dragon Dictation, this is great for differentiating Writing lessons and project based learning.


It will help students, perhaps with IEPs or a disability that disallows them to write with a pencil or type, to see their thoughts and ideas in written word.

I have a few students now, who struggle with getting their words onto the paper. They feel left out. Since we do Compare and Contrast and other long writing pieces, I would not ask a student to write it out for them, because it would just take too long.

I can see, after those students did the best they could "writing" out their plan and perhaps rough draft...then they can dictate it onto Dragon. Even adding as they go along, since maybe they couldn't write all their ideas down on the paper.

You can edit, copy and paste from this App.

This will assist those struggling students to create a Presentation on Pages or even just a document on Word.

Although I messed up with my first idea for this App...I think I am redeeming myself with this one, at least to me : )

Thanks for reading.

I would love a comment 8)


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