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Manuela Ippolito
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It infuriates me that my 15 yr old daughter has only used the computers in her 2, of 6, classrooms to do research " a couple of times this school year".

While I was sitting at home adding and researching Apps for my 4th grade class, I asked if she had used Pages, or anything like it, at school.

When she said no, I wanted to immediately email her teachers, march to the principal, and ask why?

I didn't.

Instead, I had her (ok, made her) do a presentation, using Pages at home, on my classroom iPad.

We had just returned from a trip to NYC. Her report was on that...NYC.

Shifting for a minute...

I emailed the presentation to her English teacher (advanced seminar btw), saying it was just extra because she missed some school.

My daughter swore that this teacher would "not care" about her report. I reassured her, that any teacher would be thrilled to get something like this from a student.

I was wrong. It took a week before I emailed her to ask why she had not mentioned it to my daughter. She said she did not even open it yet...she was less than thrilled about the project.

Really? This is High School.???????????????

My daughter entered as a Seminar student, and at this rate, may drop to a Basic, average thinker.

Yeah, not if I have anything to do with it.

Just saying.

Manuela Ippolito

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