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Manuela Ippolito
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     Sorry, but I love the Common Core State Standards...so far :D

     I guess what teachers dislike about the CC, is that it is seen as another change.?

     What I respect about the standards, is the deeper thinking that's expected of teachers to push.

     If students are always reading to find a specific answer like "what is the setting?", or "what is the main idea?", then they do not form their own opinions and the ability to strengthen their comprehension.

     Even though we always should have required students to give evidence for their answer/thinking, now it seems impossible for a teacher to NOT ask this of their class.

     It goes along with an earlier post on this blog, when I acknowledged my Socratic style of teaching all day every day.

     My students are at the point (and probably since December), where if a peer says "when He explored America...", they interject "Who is HE?".  That and, "can you show me where you got that information?"

     In math (and either I posted a video or two..or I will ASAP), students assist (through questioning) classmates by making sure the one explaining a problem, is saying the accurate reasoning. If not (and even if so), they respectfully inquire about their thinking process, and help lead them back to some understanding.

     I love, love, love observing this behavior...the behavior of holding one another accountable.

     Interesting that I witness my teaching peers become offended when asked questions about an idea or thinking... (but that, my friends, is for another post altogether  :roll:)

     So, let's push, guide and help pull the thinking out of those big brains!

     What do you think about accountable learning?...or CCSS???

Manuela Ippolito

The following is a reading and writing lesson that shows how to connect to the CCSS.

Check it out when you get a moment.


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