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"Mia, what do you think about how she handled that situation in the movie?

What kind of person is she?"

These are questions I have asked my daughter, since she was 5. 

The great thing about teaching students character traits is that they can connect to what type of person they want to be in real life. I show them how to use the traits to get to know what kind of people there are in the world, and to think about what traits they want in a friend.

Teaching students to discuss characters is one of my favorite things to teach. Once they can see the actions of the people in their stories and link that with a trait, they have unlocked one of the joys and benefits of reading.

Afterall, we learn about ourselves through connecting to characters in books. We owe it to the children to help them see themselves, their families and friends, in what they read.

    I have some great lessons on how to get students to identify traits. Using Tales is a fun way to start these lessons. Follow the link below for some ideas.

Happy teaching!! :D



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