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Empowering Students


When we teach children how to take apart words to find meaning, they learn the most valuable tool. We have to stop teaching ONLY spelling, and incorporate word parts into spelling lists. Even at 5 yrs old, students will quickly understand that adding UN in front of happy, changes the meaning. Here is something to add to your Fridays...fun learning with Bingo: Root Word Bingo.
I also have Root Word Matching cards to add to a center, or for a student who waits for you to confer, for differentiating lessons ...
Root Word Forms for breaking apart words to seek meanings, can also be found at my following site. 


Women History Month is March

Teach students how to write a report, using an inspiring woman.

We do not teach enough about women who have made a difference. We speak and read picture books of, Rosa Parks and Harriet Tubman ...but, we do not make a huge deal about how they were WOMEN. We also do not accentuate more influential women. I will speak for me...I do not.

When I speak of these heroic women, I say just that...they are heroic. I do not think I punctuate that they are female, necessarily.

We have so much to teach, so sometimes these "_________ Month" dates, remind us to teach these other important pieces of history and education. 


I will include a lesson which includes 2 full NF notes on Harriet Tubman and Eleanor Roosevelt.

These can be done on iPads, as my students have done, or written out onto paper.

Mostly, the lessons are on report writing, and opinion writing. 


Also, show how to write an opinion piece, using the same women.


Visit the link below to get more information!





Black History Month!!!

Do you only teach Black History during the month of February. I think it is so much a part of our world, and daily life, that it should be mentioned and taught regularly.

Black  history is a passionate topic. I enjoy teaching it, and seeing the look on the kids' faces when I tell them how messed up the world used to be.

Try teaching more of this important history, during all times of the year!!  


 I have a play on Civil Rights, as well as a few MLK lessons at the following link.

Check it out if you get a moment.

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